State of Art: Afterword

Were a recent single by Brand New about the epidemic of detachment in this technological age, its chorus ("We don't feel anything") would encapsulate.

How often do you witness friends and couples looking at phones instead of each other?

How many play sports compared to video games?

When people do connect, it's over the internet.

Once cognizant and comparatively unafraid of the immense, inexorable responsibility of free decision making, humans are, through absorption in machines, fast becoming robotic.

We don't feel anything.

Yet, in addition to honoring and enlarging artistic achievement, opportunity awaits. Rather than continue exploiting the scintilla of independent fertility, why not problematize fallow ground?

If artists delivered a broadside to mechanical culture, it would fascinate and, more importantly, provoke. Such a movement, designed, like all legitimate and successful, to jar people awake, could surpass anything recent.

Time for art to rage against machines.